We are working together to make sure no kid in the 95820 goes hungry due to COVID-19.

When the lockdown started and community food banks in South Oak Park closed, a team of community organizations came together to provide food to the most vulnerable families in our zip code. We are scrappy, ambitious and passionate.  Our goal is to deliver food to families until they no longer need it.


Builds recipe kits and coordinates deliveries

Finds free food and connects kids and families to community resources

School advocates proactively outreach to find families who can't get food

St. Paul Baptist Church provides space, volunteers, heart and soul

Serves a the nonprofit fiscal sponsor

Root 64 Farm connects families to local produce





Minimize risk of spreading COVID 19

The goal of the project is to provide assistance to families in our neighborhood while minimizing the risks of spreading COVID-19.  The project is inspired by the Invisible Hands collective in New York City.  Our goal is minimize direct contact when acquiring and delivering items. All parties in the project follow safety protocols to mitigate the risk of transmitting COVID-19.


It takes courage to ask for help

Food for Families values family dignity.  We uphold family dignity by working with community liaisons who are trained in compassionate communication and family empowerment.  Our liaisons identify families in need, conduct a thorough needs assessment and then connect families through our network.


Protecting family privacy

Families in need may not want to have direct contact with a sponsor family or volunteer, or a sponsor family may not want or be able to deliver items. Our role is to provide a connection between families while preserving a families desire to remain anonymous.

"The deliveries are such a relief. I don't have to worry too much about food and kids are eating healthier."

Single, undocumented mom with 4 children




families served every week


community members participating


increase in food security for participating families


of families say kids are eating more vegetables


of families have saved money on their food bill


of families don't have to worry about food


More than just vegetables

A lockdown shouldn't mean locking kids out of critical resources.  Yet, system fail and communities fill in the gaps.  When the Padilla sister couldn't access "free low-income internet," Community Connections found a sponsor to provide tablets and pay the families internet bill.  Their mom is single and worked cleaning houses.  When the pandemic shut down her industry, Community Connections stepped in to provide weekly food deliveries, basic needs items and financial relief.


Displaced, not disconnected

When the Berry family lost their housing due to COVID-19, they ended up in a unfamiliar neighborhood.  A single mom with 5 kids and no work, Amari was anxious.  Our volunteers drive out of the neighborhood to bring fresh food and a little hope.  Our community liaison sends a text every week to check in and let Amari know we haven't forgotten about her.